Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.



All of us have internal brain chatter and musings. Often we are unaware of the impact they may have on our lives. Some of these musings may be more negative than we realize. We may be so used to the inner critic and other self-limiting thoughts that we are not aware of how much they affect our well-being and outlook. When we take notice of the involuntary thoughts in a non-judgmental way, we can begin a healing process within ourselves.                      Through a variety of practices,  I can help you gain awareness of these thoughts, stories, messages that are negative, restrictive, harsh, and even non-loving.  This awareness will enable you to gain control over them and create a more positive inner landscape.  You are more than these negative thoughts and create a more truer understanding of who you are.




Gain awareness of thought patterns


Detach with non-judgement


Build a more positve inner foundation


Improve well-being and sleep

Enjoy this simple and short video that walks you through the basics of mindful meditation.  Do this once a day for 5 minutes or longer and you will notice a difference in your ability to be present.

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention in the present moment without judgement, a skill one develops through meditation and other training.