Dream Work


I can help you decipher what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you about your dreams and their unique messages. Your dreams are your personal stories of your relationships with your inner and outer life that do not make sense to the conscious mind.

Dreams offer insights into our lives and our hearts, helping us to understand our deeper selves, and open the door to our inner wisdom of who we are and what is important to us.

I offer a 30-minute free consultation to introduce you to the unique language of dreams and help you understand their wisdom.

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Restore psychic health & balance


Address chronic nightmares & recurring dreams


Insights into feelings & emotions


Tap into your inner wisdom


Move from confusion to awareness of your dream images

Dreams come from a very different world than the one we spend in our waking lives. I believe opening one’s heart and mind to the dream is important. When we push past our judgments, fears, and even our wounds, we change the way we look at ourselves and life in a more profound, healing way. Here are several ways to do that:

Workshops – Single session.  Generally an introduction to the importance of dreams in our inner and outer lives. Exploration of how dreams reveal a whole new language and  what our dream images may be revealing. Often theme based, the participants get to experience working dreams in a group setting.

Dream Circles – Regular, ongoing small group gatherings that offer a safe, confidential and supportive place for sharing and exploring dreams. Generally, 2 hours long per session.

As facilitator, I do not believe in analyzing the dream rather I guide the dreamer and the group in a variety of meditative and creative practices to tap into your own connection to the images and their inner stories.

Private sessions – These sessions offer you both the time and space to go deeper than dream circles or workshops.  You get to explore one-on-one more deeply and thoroughly your dream images, their unique message for you, and their wisdom. Sometimes dream images can be weird, intense, powerful, and bizarre.  As a dream facilitator I gently guide you to understand why these dream images may be appearing in your dreams. By a variety of creative and meditative ways, you can explore these images more deeply and profoundly.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

                                                     C.G. Jung