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Recent interview on KSQD community radio with Doris talking about the benefits of Daydreaming:

Apple Podcast- Day Dreaming

We speak with Doris Snyder about daydreaming which is what thoughts and images float through our minds when we are otherwise occupied with simple tasks so our mind is free to wander. Doris quotes studies that suggest that we daydream as much at 40% of the time that we are awake and that this is a time that is rich in creativity and can reveal insights about our concerns much as dreaming does.

The Benefits of Day Dreaming

DAYDREAMING: The Beauty and the Power of a Wandering Mind


Many of our dreams are full of numbers. Numbers are an ancient symbolic language.  In this book, ” Numbers and their geometric counterparts appear as archetypal patterns representing the organizing principle of the universe as well as the human mind.  They can appear in dreams as patterns of personality integration or simply connections to a past memory….Doris Snyder has done a delightful job of clearly leading you through the complex nature of numbers, their many cultural association and most importantly various step-by-step approaches to unlock the personal meaning they hold for you when they appear in your dreams.”                                                                                                                                                                                           – Robert Hoss, MS Director of DreamScience Foundation, Former President International Association for the Study of Dreams 

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