Doris Snyder
Natural Balance 


   There are times when we need someone to listen and help us connect to our authentic selves, to help us regain our balance and wholeness.
My deepest wish is to help you connect to your inner wisdom. Let me be your guide on a pilgrimage to hear, explore, connect to what your deeper self is saying through dream work, spiritual companionship or mindful awareness.

Either can be part of your personal self-care and inner growth. We are all meant to grow, create, and transform into who we truly are. 


Dream Work

I can help you decipher what your unconscious is trying to tell you about your dreams and their unique messages. Your dreams are your personal stories of your relationships with your inner and outer life that do not make sense to the conscious mind. 

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Spiritual Companionship

Sometimes we need to talk to someone about spirituality and the bigger picture in our lives.Spiritual companioning is about listening for the deeper source of the sacred within you. It is about the conversations that help you explore, consider, and connect to this deeper source. In a sense, we are all pilgrims in search of Spirit/Divine. I can help you discover or reconnect to your true relationship with the Divine.

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Awareness only happens in the present.  Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present moment. The challenge is our mind chatter and judgmental thoughts.  When we take notice of these thoughts in a non-judgmental way, we can liberate ourselves to find greater inner harmony.  

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    Find your balance, inner harmony & connect with your inner wisdom/spirit the       natural way.

About Me

I left the corporate world to begin a path to facilitate inner growth and healing. My training began with yoga and meditation, then Reiki healing, spiritual companionship, and dream work.      Learn More


Doris Snyder’s book on Daydreams is both educational and inspirational! She has a real talent for writing, weaving in science and sound wisdom,

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Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Greif Recovery Specialist

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Johanne LaRocque
Dream Leader, Monterey, CA

Doris is insightful, precise, and articulate. Her work is well-researched and engagingly delivered. As a guest on my podcast, The Dream Journal, sh

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Katherine Bell of Experiential Dreamwork

Having worked with Doris for many years, I am pleased to offer my sense of her and her work.  Doris brings a grounded curiosity and heart to all

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Sandy Ochin, Astrologer, Sarasota, FL

You will be delighted upon stepping into the mystical and unique process of dream tending with Doris Snyder. After creating an environment of securit

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