About Me



 My philosophy/ who I am

I left the corporate world to begin a path to facilitate inner growth and healing. My training began with yoga and meditation, then Reiki healing, spiritual companionship, and dream work.

For over 25 years I worked for several major NYC and LA banks managing profitability projects and groups. It was all about the numbers. After leaving the corporate world, my relationship with numbers shifted from the financial to the mystical and archetypal energy they embody. This prompted the writing of my book, Numbers in Dreams.

I left the corporate work to raise a family and began a calling to facilitate inner growth and healing. I became a yoga instructor and then Reiki master. During this
time, I honored the nudge to spirituality and began training for spiritual guidance and graduated in 2011 from the Shalem Institute. This was followed by the Dream
Leadership program at the Haden Institute where I found myself once again working with numbers only this time through the lens of dreams and mystical perspective. The Haden Institute melds together a curriculum strong in Jungian psychology, spirituality, and mystical traditions and I came away with a firm grounding in dream history and symbolism and experience in leading the dream group process.

I am a big wander. Often with a camera in hand, I go exploring – whether it is my own backyard, nearby hiking trails, or the busy streets of a major city. In my wandering, I try to be more present to what is right in front of me in all of its fullness. I have no set agenda, timeframes, or goals. I simply try to be open to what might be given; to see with new eyes.

I am a contemplative which means each day I devote time to silence and reflection. I incorporate mindful practices in my every day. This opens me to be more loving, compassionate, and more grounded in wholeness, peace, and well-being. I embrace the diversity of faiths and what they each offer.

My deepest desire is to help people connect to their inner wisdom. I am all about the healing, balance and connection of our inner selves which ultimately leads to loving ourselves as well as better relationships with ourselves, the Divine and with others.