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Spiritual Companioning

Sometimes we need to talk to someone about spirituality and the bigger picture
in our lives. Spiritual companioning is about listening for the deeper source of the
sacred within you. It is about the conversations that help you explore, consider,
and connect to this deeper source. In a sense, we are all pilgrims in search of
sacred mystery. I can help you discover your true relationship with this mystery.
My role is to help you be aware and present to what spiritual stirrings are
emerging within you, and to hear what your authentic voice is wanting so you can
live into it more fully and abundantly. Together we listen for the larger wisdom that
speaks softly within you. From this comes freedom, growth, and a deepening
relationship with the Divine/God or however you refer to the sacred within you.

Spiritual companioning is not therapy or religious. Spiritual companioning is about
the sacred inner wisdom which leads to greater deepening, clarity, and peace.

If you would like to understand the process more, you can arrange for a free 30-
minute conversation about spiritual companioning.


As a dream facilitator, I can help you decipher what your unconscious is trying to
tell you about your dreams and their unique messages. Your dreams are your
personal stories of your relationships with your inner and outer life that do not
make sense to the conscious mind.
Dreams offer insights into our lives and our hearts, helping us to understand our
deeper selves, and open the door to our inner wisdom of who we are and what is
important to us.
I offer a 30-minute free consultation to introduce you to the unique language of
dreams and help you understand their wisdom.
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Workshops & Special Classes


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